Friday, 26 February 2016

Rights Respecting Assembly

On Wednesday the Rights Respecting Ambassadors did an assembly to the school about making further links with a school in Nepal. We are hoping to be writing letters to The British School in Kathmandu. Students from this school have posted a video of an example of the charity work they are doing to help the Nepali schools:

Video of Dhading school: Shree Rudrakanya School

What we would like to do
•We want every class to write to The British School;
•What could you write or draw about?
•Who you are; what our school is like; congratulate them in helping the local schools; say that we would like to help their charity work more;
•Of the United Nations 17 Global Goals, which ones do the local schools need most help with?

•Using the replies from Nepal, we will campaign to raise awareness and funding for the issue that is mentioned most.
Good luck with the letters – these should be handed-in to us by the end of March;

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